Anonymous asked:

Height?: 5"4Age?: 18 idkVoice pitch?: uhm babyishSleeping position, Do I drool or Snore in my sleep? : you purr in your sleep ouoFavorite Color?: purple?Morning, Noon, Or Evening Person?: evening personAnything Else?: you are so cute!

Close on height and close on age eep! Color is not quite eek! Hehe thank you!!! I’m not sure about sleep thing Meg or Emma would know.

Edit: idk about voice thing I’m always worried my voice isn’t girly.

I just am so head over heels for Meg. Even though I would have loved more time with them, the trip was heavenly. I keep saying “everything felt like a movie” and gosh, it really did. I feel so content and level and clean and new and special. I love someone so much!

Everyone keeps telling me how adorable Meg and I are and wowee my heart is so full!!! I have never been so happy in my whole life as I am this week!! Between Meg and their mama and Meave and Mark and Julius and K and all of my friends I really am too lucky. Everything is so happy right now I feel completely new and clean. This is what a relationship is supposed to be.